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  • Object: RC Novopecherski Lipki
  • Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Size: 128.0 m2
  • Year of completion: 2016
  • Manufactory: Mastersky



Mastersky's vibrant design project inspires and opens up new looks to things.

The centre of true universe of this home is the living room, which absorbed the relentless flight of brave fantasies and harmonious interweaving of trends. The combination of metal, glass and natural stone, exquisite textural elements and creative wall decorations. Fresh flowers, real mirror panels, original accessories.

Coloured transition of colours from cold grey to orange. Comfortable large sofa, in which the light aggression of black is smoothed out to be pleasant to the touch. Black, but now glossy, finds its continuation in the modern technological kitchen.

In the bathrooms, dressing room and hallway, there is uncompromising choice of white versus the colour palette of the entire apartment.

Awakening of the subconscious in unexpected broken lines of geometry and motivational designer inscriptions that seem to be left by accidental coincidence.

The highlight is the panoramic viewing areas, which at the same time connect with the swift surrounding world, on the other - remind of the harmony of home comfort.